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    Discover how CLOUDFUEL® streamlines your business processes,
    including order creation, dispatching, sourcing, transaction capture,
    and automated invoicing. This provides lower operational costs and
    allows you to expand your business in the most cost effective manner.
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    Schedule a one-on-one Discovery Session with a logistics efficiency
    consultant, and see how easy and affordable real-time truck automation
    and optimized operational logistics can be achieved.
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    CLOUDFUEL® delivers the only comprehensive 100% Cloud-based system, utilizing
    today's mobile technology of smart phones and tablets. State-of-the-art technology, no
    expensive proprietary hardware to purchase, and no servers or software to buy! Up to 90%
    more cost effective than our competitors!


How CLOUDFUEL® Increases Profits and Saves Downstream Petroleum Marketers 5 to 7 Figures

No matter how you manage your fleet, CLOUDFUEL® eliminates the hassle and allows petroleum marketers to raise their profits with…

Streamlined Efficiency

Streamlined efficiency that reduces overhead costs and conducts real-time fuel marketing operations in the field.


CLOUDVIEW, a real-time helicopter view that allows you to see your trucks and efficiently deliver more product without additional costs.

Complete Wireless Management

Complete, wireless management of sales orders, bill of ladings, driver status, and customer information.

You only need a tablet or smart phone to dramatically increase efficiency, cut down on costs, and establish effortless communication with drivers and customers. In addition, our technology allows you to control and communicate wirelessly with your meters, using any Android device.

Serving Downstream Petroleum Marketers

CLOUDFUEL® exists as the turnkey petroleum logistics solution that you can hold in the palm of your hand. Our system is based on you, not on software. Our experience and proven solutions enable you to effortlessly dispatch ANY product to ANY type of truck! This is the most comprehensive system on the market today!

Transaction Types

CLOUDFUEL® supports the following:

  • Transport
  • Tank Delivery
  • Home Heat
  • Propane
  • Fleet
  • Bulk Lubes
  • Package Lubes
  • Cylinders (Coming Soon)

Schedule Your Personal Discovery Session Today!

CLOUDFUEL®: Truck Automation with B.Y.O.D.

Bring Your Own Device. When it comes to efficient truck automation and petroleum logistics, traditional systems require expensive software, servers, and high-priced equipment mounted in your trucks. CLOUDFUEL® replaces every part of this antiquated technology and puts the entire process on your mobile device.

CLOUDFUEL® exists to make comprehensive electronic dispatching effortless and provides the turnkey solution for the downstream petroleum marketer. From order creation, to electronic dispatching, to delivery completion, to automated billing.

Our simple but powerful solution drives the process from start to finish.

Multiple Trucks. Multiple Deliveries. One Device.

For 10 years, our logistics efficiency consultants have worked to develop a system that would transform fuel marketing. We’ve designed a solution that takes the touch of a button to view the status of multiple trucks with easy-to-use logistics software that allows you to effortlessly control shipments and accounting.

A full awareness of order and delivery conditions means you save time and truck miles with every delivery. No matter if you have a fleet of 10 or 1000, CLOUDFUEL® streamlines the process with turnkey efficiency solutions, real-time status, and effortless dispatching.

With the extra hours our system saves you, you'll be able to concentrate on what matters most: your customers. When you keep customers informed with electronic delivery notifications, they’ll continue to purchase from you.

In the logistics world, adapting to delivery variables while maintaining efficiency is a constant challenge. Teaming up with a partner who understands the industry is key to that success. Thank you CLOUDFUEL® for stepping to the table with such a solid offering. Your application provides all the necessary tools to maintain efficiency and be cost effective. Support of your application by your internal staff members is above and beyond anything I have come across.

Michael Dankworth

Please let us show you how we can help increase efficiencies, and de-complicate the process of fuel deliveries.

No More Complications - Guaranteed!

For most downstream fuel marketers, their current system creates more problems
than solutions. From communication challenges to managing multiple logistics programs,
you now have access to start-to-finish fuel transactions, including…

Real-Time Dispatching

from anywhere with easy-to-use mapped visibility and crisis control.

Elimination of Paperwork

with wireless order and delivery confirmation, and e-signature capture.

Real-Time Transaction Capture

that shortens billing cycles and increases cash flow.

Least Cost Routing

at the touch of a button, saving time and truck miles with every delivery.

Customer Service

that leverages automatic e-mail notifications of delivery status sent to your customers.

Ullage Management

that increases profitability using route density and internal forecasting.

Inventory Control

with an inventory movement engine that monitors loss prevention and tracks every gallon.

Tank Monitors

that are interfaced with dispatch and order creation.

Bill of Ladings

that are electronically dispatched, providing 2nd and 3rd load options, and reducing stem times.


with a savings of up to 90% of current "equipment-based" systems!

System Support

of All Products and Truck Types - including gas, diesel, oil, lubricants, bio fuels, and propane.

Truck Meter Readings

that are interfaced with dispatch and order creation.

Priority #1: Safety

We value your organization and your employees. That’s why we created effortless and consistent communication that keeps all parties aware of conditions as they happen. With electronic dispatching, your company remains connected with drivers and your entire staff. Drivers love CLOUDFUEL®! It’s easy to use, they can return orders, create new unscheduled orders, and metered tickets are printed right in their trucks. With effortless communication, drivers are happier, have much less to contend with on the road, and can maximize efficient deliveries to increase company revenues.

Since my company switched from paper-based dispatching to CLOUDFUEL®, I am now completing double the number of deliveries per shift.

Matthew Young

See the benefits with a member of our team.

CLOUDFUEL®: Your Petroleum Logistics Efficiency Consultants

For today’s downstream petroleum marketer, truck automation is a juggling act that drains hours from your day and thousands from your profit margin. CLOUDFUEL® gives you effortless control of petroleum logistics management. We exist to solve the most troubling dilemma in the petroleum logistics industry...

The Problem

Because of slow manual processes, or expensive, outdated systems, companies struggle with complex logistics and delivery efficiency. The hours spent managing orders, driver status, transaction captures, and slow billing cycles equate to lost profits. Until now, proprietary hardware systems were the only offering on the market. That’s no longer the case.

The Solution

CLOUDFUEL® saves hundreds of thousands of dollars with an affordable petroleum logistics system that simplifies truck automation. And it's comprehensive, supporting all truck types. Our solution enables petroleum marketers to effortlessly dispatch trucks carrying any type of petroleum products.

As a logistics professional and hands-on dispatcher, I need a system that’s easy to use and provides total fleet visibility. CLOUDFUEL® has developed a solution written by dispatchers for dispatchers. CLOUDVIEW allows my entire staff to see where our trucks are, and what’s on them – in real-time. Once my orders are planned and assigned to the trucks, I can Least-Cost-Route their entire day at the touch of a button.

Jason Smith

CLOUDFUEL® is designed to serve downstream petroleum marketers who…

Need Efficiency

Need to make petroleum deliveries more efficient and less expensive—no matter if you’re running 10 trucks or a fleet of 1000!

Want ROI

Want guaranteed ROI with a cost-saving system that’s based on putting petroleum logistics in the palm of your hand.

Seek Higher Profits

Seek higher profits with a user-friendly B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Device) platform, so that you can manage the logistics process in real-time, from start to finish with a few mouse clicks.

Value Client Satisfaction

Value client satisfaction and driver safety, because without happy customers, profits dwindle.

Feel Fed Up

Feel fed up with hardware that puts a 6-figure dent in the company budget and doesn’t live up to your comprehensive needs.

Discover how CLOUDFUEL® can save your company six figures per year!

Truck Automation Made Push-Button Easy

Our 100% cloud-based system is the most affordable and comprehensive logistics solution in the petroleum industry. Because other systems cost 6 figures and don’t function to increase efficiency, CLOUDFUEL® was created to turn the fuel industry from product-based offerings to client-centric solutions. Logistics efficiency consultants developed CLOUDFUEL® as a turnkey solution that allows you to focus on your customers, not on managing daily delivery problems that arise. Through user-friendly and comprehensive petroleum logistics management software, CLOUDFUEL® streamlines maximum efficiency with a helicopter view of each transaction stage in real time. From buying fuel and loading trucks to transport time and successful delivery, our powerful, easy-to-use system drives the process from start to finish. And it all happens in the palm of your hand.

The power of CLOUDFUEL® has provided our company with billing automation results beyond expectations. Now that our orders are completed in the field and sent back into our accounting system in real-time, our invoicing process begins immediately. This has dramatically shortened our billing cycle, reduced our DSO’s, and has provided our organization with increased bottom-line profits! Thank you CLOUDFUEL®.

Bob McBride

Ready to see real-time truck automation?

How We Became Petroleum Logistics Efficiency Consultants

10 years of successful petroleum software development and hands-on experience places the CLOUDFUEL® Team as industry leaders in downstream petroleum logistics. Working with over 30 petroleum marketers and designing systems for major railroads has provided CLOUDFUEL® with the knowledge and insight it takes to help clients become more efficient.

After years of being Efficiency Consultants, CLOUDFUEL® realized that there wasn’t a cost-effective, comprehensive truck automation solution in the market place. Companies continued to charge clients hundreds of thousands of dollars to perform operations that could be completed on $99 tablets.

CLOUDFUEL® seized the opportunity to disrupt the market by using the latest cloud and mobile technology to provide superior solutions at a fraction of the cost. No longer must petroleum logistics remain rooted in expensive, outdated, and complicated equipment.

CLOUDFUEL® was born out of customer needs, and saves companies between 80% and 90% on equipment costs—one of the many wins that CLOUDFUEL® clients experience.

Petroleum Logistics Evolves into 100% Efficiency

Efficiency is the CLOUDFUEL® standard. As Efficiency Consultants, we’ve taken years of vast industry knowledge to create an individual "Road Map to Efficiency" for each client we serve.

CLOUDFUEL® is a client-based company - not product-based - even though we offer a user-friendly dispatch system that makes petroleum logistics push-button easy.

There are a number of functional business processes that exist in fuel delivery companies, and they all operate differently. However…

CLOUDFUEL® Is Different

Petroleum logistics can be inefficient, expensive, and time consuming - at least that’s the case with the complicated, expensive systems used by many downstream fuel marketers.

With CLOUDFUEL®, your organization will send and receive fuel transaction data in real-time, from tablets or smartphones.

Learn How Real-Time Dispatch Saves Thousands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Equipment-based petroleum logistics is based on expensive, proprietary hardware. Cloud-based petroleum logistics is based on the latest mobile technology to provide the most efficient, cost-effective solutions. And there’s a big difference. There exists a dangerous status quo when it comes to petroleum logistics management. Downstream fuel marketers who use equipment-based systems spend upwards of 6 figures to disperse their truck fleets. That’s exactly why CLOUDFUEL® has reinvented the model with a market-based system that performs every function needed on an inexpensive, BYOD tablet.

Fuel logistics and management has always been overly complicated. Our Cloud-based platform gives you a helicopter view of the entire process. From order creation to transaction capture, one push of a button enables you to handle fuel deliveries effortlessly. CLOUDFUEL® is Cloud-based, because it puts the focus on the bottom line—cutting down on needless expenses and increasing profits.

We invented CLOUDFUEL® because we know what downstream fuel marketers experience. You juggle paperwork, transactions, driver status, delivery times, and a host of other responsibilities. The entire process has never been truly efficient until now. Since we take an efficiency-based approach and use Cloud technology, we’re able to help our clients create compounding profits.

Absolutely not. It’s actually the opposite. When you have a bird’s eye view of your entire operation in real time, you will maximize production for your entire fleet. With costly systems that don’t have a dashboard of complete functions, petroleum logistics slows down exponentially.

No. Expensive doesn’t equal efficient. If you spend $250,000 on a truck automation system, it will need to be replaced within a short time. If you manage fuel delivery on any mobile device, you hold turnkey petroleum logistics in the palm of your hand.

Efficiency. We’ve combined our years of experience and our vast industry knowledge to design an individual “Road Map to Efficiency” for each and every customer.

Most of our clients used outdated and expensive technology that quickly went defunct. Our clients come to us because they seek increased efficiency that results in higher revenue.

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